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Outreach Activities

DTSC is committed to enhanced public participation on the SSFL project. In meetings, community interviews, surveys, letters and phone calls, DTSC has clearly heard the many concerns of community members regarding this facility and our regulatory oversight of it. We are now posting all new documents and correspondence regarding all aspects of our work on this website.

If you have suggestions on the website or have questions, please contact Susan Callery, Public Participation Specialist at 818-717-6567 or email

Public Participation Activities

Community Survey

The DTSC supervised the mailing of a community survey to 96,448 residents living within a five-mile radius of the SSFL, located in southeastern Ventura County. The survey was undertaken to document the public’s comments and concerns relating to DTSC’s cleanup activities taking place at the SSFL.

The survey was mailed to the general public in two stages. The first mailing was sent out in June 2001, and the second/final mailing was sent out in January 2002. The Community Survey Results, which were published in May 2003, can be viewed by clicking on the link at the top/right hand column of this page. These will be used to develop a revised DTSC Public Participation Plan.

Fact Sheets

Please see the Public Involvement page of this website’s Document Library  for a copy of all fact sheets for this project.

The SSFL Work Group

The SSFL Work Group meets regularly at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center, 3050 Los Angeles Avenue, Simi Valley, CA and is open to the public. If you have any questions, or would like to attend, please contact Susan Callery, DTSC Public Participation Specialist at 818-717-6567, or email her:

The SSFL Work Group serves in an advisory capacity to all of the public agencies responsible for regulatory oversight of cleanup and permitting actions at the SSFL. It consists of public agency and community representatives.

Public Comment, Meetings, and Hearings

DTSC will hold public comment periods for RFI/RI Reports. Additionally, public comment periods, meetings and/or hearings may be held on key documents such as the Corrective Measures/Remedy Selection and Draft EIR.

DTSC will continue to explore additional means of public involvement.

 May, 2003 Community Survey Results